Airport VIP Service

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    As Limousine Plus, we make your travels more comfortable, fast and special with the Airport VIP Service we offer. Here are the details of the service we offer:

    Special Welcome and Farewell

    From the moment you land at the airport, our experienced team will welcome and see you off in a special way. Your luggage is transported safely and the first step of your journey starts smoothly.

    Fast Track and Priority Service

    We offer fast-track access, allowing you to pass through passport and security checks quickly. Thus, you can save time without waiting in long queues.

    Luxury Rest Areas

    In our VIP lounges, we offer you the opportunity to relax before or after your flight. You can relax with comfortable seats, refreshments and a quiet environment.

    Personal Assistant Service

    Our personal assistants, who will find solutions to any problems you may encounter at the airport, are always at your side to ensure that your journey goes smoothly.

    Private Transportation and Transfer Services

    We offer a comfortable and safe transfer service with our luxury vehicles from the airport to the city center or other points you specify.

    Fast Baggage Delivery

    We ensure that your luggage is delivered quickly, so you can continue your journey without wasting time.

    24/7 Service and Support

    We are at your service every hour of the day and every day of the week. We ensure that your journey is uninterrupted by offering you fast and effective solutions even in emergencies.

    Security and Privacy

    Within the scope of Airport VIP Service, the safety and privacy of all our passengers are prioritized. Your personal information and travel plans are meticulously protected.

    Easy Reservation and Management

    You can easily make reservations and manage your services through our user-friendly website or call center. You save time with fast and reliable booking processes.