Airport VIP Service: Transportation Experience Where Luxury and Comfort Meet

mercedes e class 00008
    • Special Welcome and VIP Lounge: Limousine Plus starts with a special welcome at the airport. Customers can relax and enjoy drinks and snacks in the VIP lounge. They can make their trip more enjoyable with comfortable seats and free WiFi access.
    • Luxury Limousine Transfer: Limousine Plus’ luxury limousines are characterized by their extremely comfortable interiors. Customers enjoy a prestigious journey in vehicles equipped with features such as TV, music system and bar.
    • Professional Chauffeur Service: Experienced chauffeurs offer a safe and attentive driving experience. Every detail is taken into consideration for the comfort and satisfaction of the customers.
    • Availability for Connecting Flights: VIP service is also available during connecting flights. In this way, customers can spend long waiting times comfortably in the VIP lounge.
    • Full Service Package: Limousine Plus’ VIP service is not only limited to luxury transfer vehicles, but also includes the VIP lounge experience. It provides customers with extra comfort and privileges before and after traveling.
    • VIP Transfers: It offers luxury car rental service for VIP transfers such as airport transfers, special event transfers, business trips.
    • Wedding Car Rentals: You can rent specially decorated luxury vehicles for your weddings.
    • Birthday Celebrations: You can have an unforgettable experience by renting luxury vehicles for your birthday celebrations.
    • Business Travels: You can rent a luxury car to travel in a comfortable and prestigious vehicle for your business trips.
    • Vacation Rentals: You can rent a luxury car to have a pleasant driving experience during your vacation.